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Who we are?

Chik Monk is a distinctive coffee company that stands out for being farmer-owned and specializing in locally roasted Indian coffee in the US. Founded by Nandini Jayaprasad and David Beil in 2019, their mission revolves around enhancing coffee appreciation through sustainable farming practices. Originating from family estates in Chikmagalur, India, Chik Monk emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly cultivation methods that contribute to superior coffee quality while supporting farmer livelihoods. They focus on producing high-quality Arabica coffee, ensuring environmental conservation, and improving the lives of local coffee communities through various social initiatives. Chik Monk is deeply committed to the welfare of both the environment and the people in the coffee-producing areas.


Mindful Coffee Mornings - to new possibilities

Are you one of the 64% of people who drink coffee? Do you wake up to your alarm, robotically trod to the kitchen, half asleep, mind racing of the upcoming events for the day? Do you make the coffee quickly, guzzle it down hoping for the caffeine high to instantly awake you from your morning fog and energize you for your morning?  If so, that is okay. I’ve been there and we’ve been programed to behave this way. Read More
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