About Us



Chik Monk Coffee is a unique farmer owned, locally roasted Indian specialty coffee company in the US. We directly import the coffee from our family estates in Chikmagalur, India (Balekola and Balupet Estates http://www.balupetestate.com/).

Launched in 2019, Chik Monk was founded by Nandini Jayaprasad and David Beil to change the way people view their coffee. Specifically, we want to bring awareness around the importance of how growing methods and sustainability at the farm level drive a quality cup of coffee at the cafe and a sustenance for the farmer.

The history of our farms dates back four generations in the tranquil Western Ghat mountain range of Chikmagalur, India. 

Kick-back and experience the East. The coffee you’re savoring today was cared for many thousands of miles away. The coffee plants are protected by a lush canopy of trees. Cardamom, pepper vines and fruit trees live among the coffee plants imparting soft hints of spice and citrus to the coffee.

It took four seasons, mists of the monsoons and dedication from the local community to meticulously hand pick and then naturally dry the beans on bricks in the soft winter sun. The dried beans are then sorted and graded by quality. 

We source the highest quality Arabica from our estates. We are committed to sustaining the wildlife, the environment and caring for the local coffee communities. 

Apart from sourcing from high quality sustainable farms, Chik Monk donates a portion of its profit to enhance the well-being of the local community by providing housing, healthcare, access to clean drinking water and schooling aid for the younger children.