West Palm Beach Green Market 2019-2020

The past year was a blessing. We were so excited to have been selected to sell our family coffee at the West Palm Beach Green Market. This was our first opportunity in four generations to serve coffee directly from our family farm in India, roasted locally each week in Florida and sold directly to our customers. It was invigorating to get direct feedback on our hot and cold brews. According to our regular customers and some that we recently "converted," our non-dairy lattes were quite a hit :)

Apart from our guests, we looked forward to our early Saturday morning company with the WPB Green Market team and many vendors especially Ghostpepperz, SWFL Produce, Soap Dudes, One World Zero Waste

While the Coronavirus has caused considerable disruption for everyone, we are grateful to have met so many wonderful people and small business owners in such a short period of time. Stay safe, stay healthy and we hope to see you in the coming season.

West Palm Beach Green Market


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