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Who we are?

Chik Monk is a distinctive coffee company that stands out for being farmer-owned and specializing in locally roasted Indian coffee in the US. Founded by Nandini Jayaprasad and David Beil in 2019, their mission revolves around enhancing coffee appreciation through sustainable farming practices. Originating from family estates in Chikmagalur, India, Chik Monk emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly cultivation methods that contribute to superior coffee quality while supporting farmer livelihoods. They focus on producing high-quality Arabica coffee, ensuring environmental conservation, and improving the lives of local coffee communities through various social initiatives. Chik Monk is deeply committed to the welfare of both the environment and the people in the coffee-producing areas.


Grind sizes for coffee

Grind sizes for coffee


What grind level is right for you?


 Here’s a quick read to ensure that you’re using the right grind. If you’re new to this, our next blog will explain how to use some of the grinds below.


If you’re grinding coffee beans at home the Burr grinders are suggested (as opposed to the blade type) because you get uniformity in the grinds. The grind type determines the rate of flavor extraction.


Grinds range from extra coarse (looks like rock salt) to extremely fine Turkish grind which appears as powder. In our brief video we show the following grinds:

  • Extra Coarse
  • Medium Coarse
  • Coarse
  • Medium
  • Medium Fine
  • Fine
  • Extra fine (Turkish)


Extra Coarse: Use this grind for cold brews. This is ideal for long hours of steeping the flavor from the coffee. Extra coarse


Medium Coarse: Use this grind for a French press. This is our preferred method of brewing at home each morning when we are under time pressure. Simply add the grounds to the French Press and pour the boiling water over the top and let steep for 3 minutes before plunging and pouring the coffee.

Medium coarse 


Coarse: If you have a Chemex this is the best grind level to achieve optimum flavor.



Medium: It’s approaching a more fine grind. This is the best grind level for a drip machine like a Bunn.Medium 



Medium Fine: If you want to take some more time and really experience Chik Monk coffee, use this grind level to do a pour over. You can use a paper filter or a stainless steel filter. The aroma and flavor are truly magical.

Medium fine 


Fine: If you’re looking for an espresso, this is the grind for you. It’s much finer than Medium and Medium Fine. This works best for your espresso maker. This grind size is also for the Indian 'filter coffee' style.



Extra Fine: To whisk to back to your days in Istanbul or the Middle East, use an ultra fine grind. The coffee is ground into a fine powder.Extra fine 


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