The 'season' in Palm Beach County

It's been bustling in Palm Beach the past few months. From the snowbirds to the locals, we have continued to expand awareness about our specialty estate coffee. 

We have been serving our estate coffee at the West Palm Beach Green Market every Saturday from 9 AM - 1 PM. We offer hot and cold brews. We also make non-dairy lattes and cappuccinos which our customers come back to each week.

It's been a great experience learning the trade of being a barista. Consistently pulling the perfect espresso shot is an art.

Our blend of different plant based milks gives it deliciously distinct characteristics.

There are also some amazing fellow vendors such as SWFL who drive down from Punta Gorda just for the market, Handmade vegan soaps by Soap Dudes and a variety of hot sauces from Ghost Peppers.

West Palm Beach Green Market ChikMonk Coffee


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